Resources for Cloth Doll Making

Many people want to know where I find my “stuff”. On this page you’ll find my favorite Resources for Cloth Doll Making, doll clubs (both on-line and in person) and the websites of people I go to for inspiration. You’ll enjoy visiting each of these places.

NOTE:  Please enjoy and if you have any sources that you love and think I would too, please let me know!

Cloth Doll Making DVDs

Looking for one on one instruction with Patti from the comfort of your home or office? Visit Galli Creative to order a DVD!  A great resource with bonus PDFs and hours of instruction! 




Learn Doll Making with downloadable workshops

Enjoy Patti’s workshops on your tablet (iPad), computer/laptop, or mobile device without the need to log in or use the internet!

Watch online for 90 days or download and enjoy forever!





Additional Resources & Websites

  • Beads:

  • Books:

  • Dyes & Paints:

  • Exotics:

    • Treasures of the Gypsy
      P.O. Box 748, Mountainair, NM, 87036 phone number: 505-847-0963 (Shisha mirrors, sari borders, doll shoes, beads, trims, hand-dyed fabrics)
  • Hair:

  • Magazines:

  • Patterns for Doll Making:

  • Silk:

    • Thai Silks
      252 State Street, Los Altos, CA 95125, 1-650-948-8611 (every silk imaginable!)
  • Supplies:

  • Tools of the Trade:

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