Many people want to know where I find my “stuff”. On this page you’ll find my favorite resources, doll clubs (both on-line and in person) and the websites of people I go to for inspiration. You’ll enjoy visiting each of these places.

NOTE:  Please enjoy and if you have any sources that you love and think I would too, please let me know!

Doll Making DVDs

Looking for one on one instruction with Patti from the comfort of your home or office? Visit Galli Creative to order a DVD!  A great resource with bonus PDFs and hours of instruction! 




Learn Doll Making with downloadable workshops

Enjoy Patti’s workshops on your tablet (iPad), computer/laptop, or mobile device without the need to log in or use the internet!

Watch online for 90 days or download and enjoy forever!





Additional Resources & Websites

  • Beads:

  • Books:

  • Dyes & Paints:

  • Exotics:

    • Treasures of the Gypsy
      P.O. Box 748, Mountainair, NM, 87036 phone number: 505-847-0963 (Shisha mirrors, sari borders, doll shoes, beads, trims, hand-dyed fabrics)
  • Hair:

  • Magazines:

  • Patterns for Doll Making:

  • Silk:

    • Thai Silks
      252 State Street, Los Altos, CA 95125, 1-650-948-8611 (every silk imaginable!)
  • Supplies:

  • Tools of the Trade:

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